a room with a view


    live outdoors


    enjoy the good life


    look good inside and out


    savor the moment


    lush green living


    open to all possibilities


    bathed in natural light


    sky’s the limit


    let it flow

Light. Wind. Land.

All have a story to tell.

Let us tell your story.

Light gives life. To plants, people and places.
A building is not just a structure you live or work in, it can exude and invoke emotion.
Light can create that emotion. Early morning light streaming in through a skylight. Dappled light filtered by the branches of a giant oak. Light reflecting off a pool of water. A room filled a with sunset glow.
Capturing the natural light each location offers is a cornerstone of what JMA does, with a trained eye and thoughtful approach by using window placement and sightlines, light is guided to its best use.
Wind is the voice of the land. Speaking in a whisper, a sigh or with conviction. It shapes a location and how we live both inside and out.
The rustle of tree leaves, soft swaying grass, a light breeze sweeping over the patio, or ocean wind pushing fog forward.
Allowing the air to speak gives a home or location identity. Utilizing wind can enhance and freshen a space, there is nothing better than cool air flowing through a house on a hot day. The coastal California wind gives shape to our places, allowing your home to breath by enhancing natural air flow is a must, and taken into account on every JMA project.
Land is legacy.
The land puts perspective and scale in place. Sweeping vistas extend time, valleys give introspection, and mountains, ever changing remind us that Geologic time includes now.
Perhaps nothing is more important than making sure a structure is in harmony with the land it inhabits. JMA looks to the land first and interprets how to incorporate the scale and timelessness of the surroundings. Capturing views, creating privacy, and transforming windows into frames all depend on the land as a guide.
The story is told with emotion, voice and history.

Our Approach

Access. Confidence. Knowledge.

JMA gives clients access. Access to information and updates on your project. Access to ask questions about the process, timeline or permits. Access to convey your thoughts and ideas about the design or changes to design along the way.
Confidence that JMA is always looking to execute your design and will be pro-active with Contractors and Designers to create a cohesive team on your behalf. Confidence that you have a strong ally to help you understand the process from start to finish.
With experience working in the coastal and hillside communities of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks and Santa Barbara Wine Country JMA works for you! We have the knowledge and relationships to work with each city or government entity to push your project through. knowledge that JMA has a network of trusted professionals to assist in expediting your project from engineers to interior designers.
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